HAND IN HAND Semi Annual Update

HAND IN HAND Semi Annual Update

Hand in Hand is well ahead of their pre-pandemic levels of job creation because they have dynamic teamsand the ingenuity of women like Damiana in Eastern Africa.

The Fishmonger and some other stories …

Extract from The Digital Fishmonger

“Like so many others over the past year, Damiana Musyoka turned to Facebook Marketplace and WhatsApp to maximise sales and with huge success. Today she numbers among her clients three high-end Nairobi hotels, tripling her sales to $500 per month”

Other stories like…

How Vitalis Onyango was able to triple his ground nut delivery service?

How Jan Omondi went from mobile second-hand clothes seller to a business woman with her own shop?

How farmers switched to home delivery and back to market stall?

The characters in these stories faced seismic shifts in markets and an abnormal world, BUT they saw opportunities.