About Us

Our History

From our small beginnings in 1860 as a textile trading company in India, we have developed into a diverse multi-cultural Group with relationships and responsibilities that span the globe.

Under the leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Murli Kewalram Chanrai, we are dedicated to upholding the Chanrai family values that lead us to care for community, while continuing to expand on our strong entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. Our leadership is a combination of accompished family members and dedicated professionals who continuously work to realise this vision.

We believe that a corporation is defined not only by its efforts but also its spirit of giving. Our philanthropy aims to provide healthcare and education for the underprivileged and support the Arts.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission 

To build upon our rich culture and history and successful growth model to become a respected family busines.

Our Vision

To be a family owne and professionally led global enterprise that creates sustainable value for its stakeholders with long term perspective.

This vision is anchored by four pillars - attractive markets, dynamic portfolio, an entrepreneurial team and sustainable growth.

Markets : Focus on high growth markets with attractive return prospects.

Portfolio : Dynamic portfolio with the right mix of start-ups, developing and maturing businesses.

Entrepreneurial Terms : Highly empowered and capable management  team with a strong entrepreneurial culture.

Sustainable Growth : Sustainable growth with positive social impact on communities and the environment.

Our People

The Kewalram Chanrai Group Has always been a family venture at its core, inspired by family values, and this has remained so as the Group has grown beyond its borders and embraced many different cultures.

Our journey began more than one-and-a-half centuries ago by two enterprising brothers Jhamatmal and Thakurdas Chanrai, and has now become a multi national enterprise. From a small textile trading business, the brothers expanded their business and taught the rules of the trade to their sons.

Today our Group is a diverse global enterprise with a staff exceeding 5000 across 17 countries. We believe that our people are our strength and by empowering our people we creae an entrepreneruial culture.

Our core values and spirit of entrepreneurship has extended to a spirit of giving which has inspired us to balance philanthropy with our business goals and use the benefits of our success to support initiatives in healthcare, education and the arts in many of the communities in which we operate.

We run our businesses not only to further the growth of the company, but also to ensure sustainable growth and a positive social impact on local communities and the environment.

We do not take our success for granted; it is based on hard word over many years. Going forward, we believe on shared vision, our entrepreneurial and innovative culture will drive future success.


Jaslok Hospital  Inauguration