Yale-NUS College, Singapore

Teach To Lead - bringing bright girls from developing countries to the top of the education system.

Yale-NUS at the National University of Singapore represents the best of the East and West Liberal Arts educational systems, offering opportunities to students from around the world. This is an aspect of education that resonates with our policy to contribute to the nurturing of future leaders and entrepreneurs who will help to grow societies and the economies of tomorrow.

This scholarship was established with a generous gift from Kewalram Chanrai Group to help prioritise the advance of female students into leadership positions. The Group hopes that this will give women an equal opportunity in education and provide them with tools they need for self-help and empowerment. The Yale-NUS education will promote a stronger sense of community and responsibility at a time in the students' lives when they are discovering themselves and reimagining their futures.

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Encouraging girls from emerging countries to engage in technology and design.

This Kewalram Chanrai Scholarship is available to full-time female undergraduates pursuing their studies at SUTD. The objective is to promote meritocratic access to education and provide opportunities to female students, particularly those with financial need.

Preference is given to candidates from developing countries who demonstrate financial need, have a good academic standing and who possess leadership potential, creative thinking, passion, an entrepreneurial outlook, pioneering spirit, integrity and moral character, as well as those who are active in 5th Row (co-curricular activities) and have keen interest in the businesses of Kewalrm Chanrai Group.

Singapore Management University (SMU) Endowment Fund

Encouraging leadership in women from developing countries.

The Kewalram Chanrai Scholarship is aimed at motivating full-time first year undergraduates of foreign nationalities in any degree programme to achieve greater heights of excellence at Singapore Management University.

Special consideration is given to female candidates calibre from developing countries, who are in financial need, so as to encourage them to pursue a university education and to succeed in their lives. 

Singapore Institute of Technology

Creating opportunities for girls from low-income Singapore families to progress.

The Kewalram Chanrai Scholarship is open to all female Singaporean and Permanent Resident undergraduates who are pursuing a full-time degree programme at Singapore Insititute of Technology (SIT).

This is open to girls with outstanding academic results, who have a good character record and demonstrate good leadership skills. Preference is given to applicants with a Household Per Capita Income (PCI) of no more than S$1,000 per month.

United World College of South East Asia (UWSEA)

Opening doors for exceptional female students from difficult circumstances.

The scholarship programme,  sponsored by Kewalram Chanrai Group, provides a transformational opportunity to students who have demonstrated exceptional potential, often in the face of very challenging circumstances, to make a positive contribution to society.

UWCSEA students are keenly sought by many of the world’s highly selective colleges and universities. For a scholar, a UWCSEA education will open the doors to unimaginable opportunities.

The scholarship programme focuses on the 16-19 year olds  age group, as this is a time where their energy can be guided towards responsibility. and life-long action. Scholars add to the overall diversity of UWCSEA by sharing their culture. their community and their stories  with fellow students. Living and learning with these scholars brings to life global issues, an appreciation of differences and a deeper understanding of specific nations and cultures.

Teach to Lead, India

Building a movement of leaders in education.

India is facing a crisis in  its educational sector. Teach for India (TFI) strongly believes that in order to achieve educational parity, India nee;ds change; in the short-term that will affect lives of students who TFI Fellows aim to put on a different life path; in the long-term that affects the educational system in India stemming from the combined potential of TFI Fellows and students who will transform the state of education itn India.

Through the Fellowship, Teach For India envisions a country where each and every child in India will attain an excellent education. Our vision stems from the creation of a powerful network of alumni who, influenced by their experiences in the classroom, will work towards effecting multi-sector solutions to India's educational problems.

Kewalram Chanrai Group  has offered a one-year support to Teach To Lead for supporting Teach For India's mission of promoting education in India. This  Sponsor A Fellow program supports 20 Fellows, who will directly impact 700 students.