Abuja Eye Hospital 2023 Report

Abuja Eye Hospital

1) Updates for year 2023

- 2023 was the 5th year of operation of this hospital

- the hospital performed more than 11, 500 surgeries. 7,500 of these were free for the poor from the rural areas in and around Abuja

- the hospital served 87,000 outpatients. Including the patients treated at the camps, the hospital served more than 100,000 Nigerians during the year. 

2) Updates for the last 5 years of its operations

- 31,500 + surgeries have been performed, with 60% - about 20,000 of them being free for the poor

3) The hospital is operating at its full capacity

4) To provide quality eye care services to more Nigerians

- need to expand the infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for its services.

- keen to extend the services to the posterior segment like retina as soon as possible.