KCG and Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre Year 2023-2024

Partnership with KCG and Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre Year 2023-2024

In summary:

  1. six hospitals established/ strengthened in six states of India have together provided 241,968 interventions last year, of which 74,372 were sight-enhancing cataract surgeries.
  2. Sankara Eye Foundation – India was listed among the top 10 NGOs in the country.

LV Prasad Eye Institute ranked 6th globally and 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region in the Schimago Institute’s ranking.

  1. Mission for Vision projects enabled 1,608,797 services, of which 284,743 were sight-enhancing cataract surgeries, in partnership with 42 eye hospitals in 22 states and 2 Union Territories of India.
  2. addressed the eye health needs of remote rural and tribal communities, urban slum settlements, children, truckers and weavers.
  3. over the years, set up 156 Vision Centres (primary eye care clinics, five of which are mobile) and have supported the education of over 730 youth from vulnerable backgrounds, mainly girls.