“I am a second year Environmental Studies student in the University Scholars Programme, now known

as NUS College. I am also a member of the Sport Climbing interest group in Cinnamon College. I chose

to study in NUS to pursue my interest in Geography and Biology, and I aspire to continue to pursue a

degree in environmental policy-making in the public sector. Specifically, I am hoping to work with the

Urban Redevelopment Authority in the Sustainability Planning sector.

This scholarship has provided me with the assurance that my educational pursuits need not be held

back by financial constraints. For instance, I will be going on a Student Exchange to the University of

Edinburgh. If not for the monetary support, I would not have been able to embark on this. I am thus

thankful for the opportunity to pursue my academic goals freely.

As a Environmental Studies student, I am actively involved in the international environmental sector.

I was invited to speak as a youth panellist and student activist in the COP27 in Egypt, at the exclusive

Blue Zone, to share my research about climate policy. This allowed me to address questions from

diplomats about my proposal on Net Zero Cities. I am grateful for this experience and will continue to

be active in the climate sector.

I also believe that work experience is important, thus I have taken part in three internships thus far. I

believe these experiences will allow me to spearhead climate action in the future.

Looking forward, I hope to continue to excel academically. I also wish to join even more student

committees, and seize every opportunity to expand my student experience as much as I can. On a less

tangible level, I want to make a positive impact to the community around me, and leave behind a

legacy for my juniors to emulate. This includes starting ground-up initiatives aimed at student wellness

and mental health.

After I graduate, I wish to gain some exposure to the working world, in the government sector, before

pursuing a Master's overseas after I have accumulated enough income to be financially independent,

so that I can support myself and my parents. I look forward to finding fulfilment and meaning in my

future job as well.

I would like to thank you for the generous provision of financial support to students like myself. I would

not have been able to pursue many of my educational goals if not for this scholarship, hence I am

grateful that donors like yourself have made this a reality for me. I wish you the very best in all your

future endeavours, and I hope that you will find encouragement in the fact that students like myself

will use these opportunities for societal good.”

A second year Environmental Studies student in the University Scholars Programme